From PC World -April 24, 1998

What should your computer think about when it closes its eyes? Birds flying across the sun? Dancing the Macarena? Or something too psychedelic for words? You can decide just by popping in any of a variety of screen savers. Here we've pulled together ten of the most popular screen savers from FileWorld, our software library; if none of these tickle your fancy, click the "More Screen Savers" link and you'll find dozens more to choose from.

  1. Earth: See where the sun is shining on our planet--and where it's dark--from a variety of viewing points, including the Sun, the Moon, or an altitude above any point on the globe specified by latitude and longitude.

  2. Independence Day: When your PC goes to sleep, let it dream of immigrants arriving from the heavens.

  3. Hey, Macaroni!: Elbow macaroni bits bust a move in a spoof of the popular Macarena song and dance.

  4. Sky: See the stars, the moon in its current phase and position, and the positions of the sun and all the planets in the sky. The database contains more than 500 deep-sky objects and 9000 stars, including all the Messier objects.

  5. Aerosmith: Engulf your display in Aerosmith's Box of Fire screen saver. Flames climb up the screen, then the band's logo appears. Rock on.

  6. Phantastic: Liven up your desktop with a configurable screen saver that offers seven functions, including moving pictures, fading screens, a fractal painter, a color fader, and patterns such as falling rain, crazy balls, and a funky clock.

  7. Psychedelic: As the patterns of Psychedelic Screen Saver materialize on your screen, the colors shift, undulate, and blow your mind. This version works with the CD/Spectrum Pro 3.1 to synchronize visual effects and audio from your PC's CD player.

  8. James Bond: Display the classic James Bond walk-on and fire sequence on your screen. You'll see Agent 007 shoot bullet holes all over your desktop to reveal images beneath, including Bond's vehicles, women, gadgets, allies, and villains.

  9. Electric: You ... are ... getting ... sleepy....

  10. Incredible Sunset: Several beautiful sunset scenes with flying, chirping birds.