You Might be a Geek if

1. It's 8:30 pm, Friday night, and you're at Egghead Software.

2. It's 9:00 pm, Friday night, and you're strapping your new 24-bit flatbed scanner to your motorcycle.

3. You get so excited configuring your new toy tool that you slip in the Mac diskettes and wonder why you get a "General Failure Reading..." error.

4. You actually own enough cables, terminators, and connectors to add yet another SCSI device to your system, no matter what type of connector it uses.

5. You realize that your Ultra-Wide SCSI-3 64-bit PCI adapter already has too many devices connected to it, and very grudgingly use the provided cheapo 16-bit SCSI-1 adapter.

6. It's 10:00 pm, Friday night, and you e-mail your friends about your play work with your new scanner.

7. You use "^H" in an e-mail, and expect everyone else to understand what it means, what it does, and where it came from.